Sean Toner

MMFC to remain a private club for at least 6 months

Posted on 04/05/2017

The Mesquite Metro Flying Club has agreed to remain as a private equity partnership club through at least October 2017. This decision was reached during an Annual meeting of all existing partners, to address various inquiries we’ve received for information and potential future membership. We’ve elected to remain a private equity partnership for the time being, since we’re a brand new club and first time aircraft owners. We felt it would be more appropriate to re-consider opening the club up for additional members once we’re all better experienced with aircraft ownership and club operations. We certainly appreciate all of the interest in our club that we’ve received, but we’d probably be doing new members a disservice by offering additional membership slots until we’re better equipped to add more members and all of the associated logistics related to insurance requirements, CFI checkouts, and so forth.

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