Club Information

About the Club

The Mesquite Metro Flying Club (MMFC) is a non-profit corporation, based out of the Mesquite Metro Airport (KHQZ) along the eastern flank of Dallas County, Texas. Our mission is to promote social camaraderie and fellowship through the ownership of private aircraft, for personal, recreational and instructional flying.

We’re a non-profit corporation, tax exempt, registered as a 501(c)(7) social club with the State of Texas. The club is operated by a Board of Officers, elected once per calendar year. Our club publishes its Bylaws and Operating Rules publicly, and we offer them freely as a template to potentially aid other new flying club startups.

Our Club is designed to accommodate a mix of both Equity and Non-Equity members simultaneously. Our Equity Members own a share of the aircraft and its value, which may appreciate or depreciate with time and other investments. Non-Equity Members own no share of the aircraft, but are immune from any changes of aircraft value or other potential unexpected expenses.

Our members enjoy a robust community of fellow pilots and aviation enthusiasts. We’re constantly learning and striving to improve technique and safety.

Club Questions

What is MMFC

Mesquite Metro Flying Club (MMFC) is a non-profit tax exempt corporation based out of the Mesquite Metro Airport (KHQZ). We’re a flying club comprised of members owning an equity share of an aircraft for personal recreational use.

What are the different member types

We offer four main types of members, with only one type in use currently.

Equity: Member with an ownership share of club aircraft. Currently MMFC only has equity members.

Non-Equity: Member with no ownership share of club aircraft. We currently have no Non-Equity members.

Non-Flying: Existing members who are not flying for an extend period of time, but wish to remain a member.

Social: Members with an interest in club operations and social events, but not flying.

Are you accepting additional members

Check our How to Join page for current information on applications.

Why did you select Mesquite Metro (KHQZ)

Mesquite Metro Airport is fairly quiet, offers full fuel and aircraft maintenance services with cheap fuel rates, and is geographically located in a fair area both for vehicle travel and aircraft travel. The airport also features ILS and RNAV approaches and flight training facilities.

How big is the club

Mesquite Metro Flying Club currently has 4 members in an equity partnership as owners of a single aircraft.

What requirements do club members need to meet

The club currently comprises of various experience levels, ranging from new Private Pilots with 60 hours, to commercial and instrument pilots with several hundred hours. The only requirements are to have appropriate ratings for the club’s aircraft and be willing to participate in club activities, social events, and contribute to the overall club partnership experience in a positive way.

Aircraft Questions

What aircraft does the club operate

The Mesquite Metro Flying Club currently owns a 1963 Mooney M20C Mark 21 as our only aircraft. We may add additional aircraft to our fleet over time.

Can club aircraft be used overnight

Yes! MMFC was created for its members to take long duration trips without penalty. Overnights, multi-day, and even out of state trips are permitted without minimum daily rates.

Can club aircraft be used on grass, dirt, gravel

No. This is determined on a per-aircraft basis, but currently our only aircraft is not a soft field friendly bird.

Why did you select this specific airplane

MMFC’s mission focused initially on fast travel aircraft with an autopilot, Garmin GNS 430W or better, with IFR certification, within our budget. Additional aircraft after our first purchase of the Mooney may focus on a different mission, such as STOL, higher useful loads, soft field operations, and so forth.